Since 2006, MAKIKO has exhibited in North America, Japan and Europe through competitions. One of her experimental images during her early time was exhibited at the headquarters of La Biennale di Venezia in 2009- 2010.

In August 2014, after working on the project for over six years, she launched her first documentary/photography book titled “Beautifully Different” in collaboration with Dr. Landa, Professor in Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, U.S. In March 2016, it was re-published by Nihon Bungeisha, a Tokyo publisher for the Japanese market.

In July 2015, MAKIKO was granted rare permission to photograph the restricted zone on Gunkanjima, which was featured in 007 Skyfall. In May - June 2016, her solo exhibition titled, “Paradise Revisited - A trip back to a childhood on Gunkanjima” was held at the Atrium Gallery at London School of Economics, sponsored by the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation (GBSF) and in association with LSE Arts.

Upon a request from the Mayor of Nagasaki, 3 photos from the exhibition have been displayed permanently at the Gunkanjima Museum, Nagaski Japan since October 2016.

In October 2016, MAKIKO visited the uninhabited island of Nozaki to document traces of Shinto and “hidden” Christians. In April – May 2017, she exhibited an exhibition titled “Trails to Prayer - a spiritual journey to the uninhabited island of Nozaki”, in collaboration with Ojika town, Nagasaki Japan, is sponsored by GBSF and in association with LSE Arts again.

"MAKIKO" exhibition (Arles France) with some from “Trails to Prayer” as well as the unpublished photos taken in Yakushima were showcased commercially as part of Voies-Off during Les Rencontres d’Arles between early July to early September 2017.

From late July to early October, some images from her 52 weeks project titled as "lunch boxes 365" were exhibited as part of "Food for Being Looked At" at The Photographers' Gallery, London.

In October 2017, “Paradise Revisited” travelled to Japan to be exhibited at Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo and Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Fukuoka.

In January 2018, her photography book entitled "BATTLESHIP ISLAND" is published by Dewi Lewis Publishing, a leading photographer publisher in the world. The book was presented at PARIS PHOTO 2017, Photo London and Les Rencontres de la Photographie 2018.

More to come...


image credit: Anthony C.R.